Tailoring Art to a Digital Age

Art is no longer confined to gallery and museum walls. We’re making art accessible to everyone, anyone, everywhere, anywhere.

You're just a click away from building your own personal art gallery, right in your pocket.

A new experience in digital collectible art.

Three43 gives you a simple, cryptocurrency-free, fun and social way to collect real, limited edition artwork starting at around the price of a movie ticket. Collect pieces from hand picked, digitally native works by some of today’s most exciting artists!

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Are you tired of the difficulty collecting great art?

Digital art should have made it so simple, but instead it often makes it even harder.

Three43 is a new platform dedicated to changing the way you view, experience and collect art. Unlike many other digital collectible platforms, Three43 does not use cryptocurrency, making our platform much simpler, and much more accessible.


Three43 vs. Other Art Collection Platforms

Three43 is making things easy, eliminating the complexity that you see with other digital art collection platforms.


Three43 keeps it simple by allowing you to purchase directly in fiat money (dollars, etc).  No complicated wallets, crypto accounts, or currency trading needed!


With exclusive art by a hand picked selection of today’s best artists selling for just around the price of a movie ticket, it’s easy to build your collection.  Consistently amazing art, and an affordable price point.


Three43 is secured by a green blockchain so you can finally get into digital art collecting without worrying about the environmental impacts.

Why you should build your
personal art gallery with Three43

There are a lot of Digital Collectible Art Platforms available out there, but why should you trust Three43 with your personal art gallery? We have two answers for you: Passion and Accessibility.

Rooted in Passion

Three43 was founded by our CEO John Lundholm.  In the emerging digital art world, he found an opportunity to put his tech, finance, and creative arts background to work all in one place.  And more importantly, to do so in a way that brings more art to more people while helping artists push the boundaries of their work.  As he explored the space deeper, though, he discovered layer upon layer of complexity and knew there had to be a better way.  That led him to found Three43 to make the new digital art world accessible and exciting for everyone.


Accessibility through Simplicity

At Three43, we realize that the simpler we can make it to collect art, the more people can get involved.  The simpler we make it for amazing artists to create, the better the work they can make.  The easier we can make it for everyone, the more we can build a better future for art.

To achieve this goal, we’ve stripped down the digital art collectible system into what matters the most: YOU, THE ARTIST, and THE ART. We’ve removed the cryptocurrency, we’ve removed the special browsers and extensions, and we’ve built our platform on a faster, greener blockchain.

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Take the step.
Begin your journey.

The Latest in Digital Collectible Art

Read through our blog where you can learn more about the world of digital collectibles, stay up-to-date on the latest trends, and connect with artists,  fans, and collectors!