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Unveiling the Soul: The Timeless Debate Between Digital and Traditional Art

Unveiling the Soul: The Timeless Debate Between Digital and Traditional Art

With the  rising popularity of digital art comes the question, ‘Does it hold the same value as the art forms created in the traditional way?’

For many people, digital art may look like a simple hobby by a bunch of young kids aspiring to work for Disney one day. Maybe it is just one of the many phases they are going through. 

In reality, though, the value of something depends on how we perceive it. Sometimes, it also depends on how we see it or what we see in it. Let’s take a look at some of these factors and decide if the readers would agree or not.

It takes time and skill to create art or anything that is deemed valuable.

When it comes to art, we see the final work but we don’t really know how much training and time is spent to achieve such workmanship.  The same is true for any accomplishment we produce at work. What appears to be a simple PowerPoint or document usually takes plenty of time, research, and editing. But those are the areas we fail to see. And if someone can do a complicated task quickly, it is often a result of his experience in the field. And yet there are a few people who can see beyond the surface. They see and understand how the creator had used the resources he had to birth his idea into the visible world. This effort alone is worth appreciation. With or without an audience, what we have worked hard for is a testament to our determination and ability to surprise ourselves with what we are capable of.

Art is the soul made visible

What we call artists are those who can reveal what is often difficult to express in words. I once saw an artwork made of cloth, at first glance, it looked just like a blob of circles. After I stepped back a bit, it started to look like the lights a patient would see when he is lying on an operating table. Then I read a small card about the artist. It said the cloth used in the artwork were his ex-wife’s clothes. Turns out the artist’s wife left him and all he had left was her wardrobe. He then decided to create his art out of them. Did he deliberately create it to show how his heart needed mending after being jilted? Who knows. But his art surely made me stop and think. And I like to believe I saw something in his soul even though I do not even remember his name.

A lot of artists say everything but what they truly mean is often shrouded in mystery. This is just one of the many reasons why experts and enthusiasts are captivated by different artworks.

Art is simply moving with the times

Digital technology has been around for a while now, and with its birth comes change: from chalkboards to whiteboards, internal combustion engines to electric vehicles, and now paintings are turning into digital art. More and more artists are moving to the digital platform and they have managed to speak through their creations in a different space.

Yet this space needs to be safe and secure, to protect both the artists and their audience. This is the challenge taken on by Three43, a platform that has made an effort to connect artists and collectors alike. As people explore the possibilities and limitations of how to bring their ideas to life, having the right room to show their artistic skills with an audience that appreciates them creates a community that encourages everyone to connect with one another through their love of art and the beauty of life.

As we embrace the modern shift towards digital platforms, it becomes clear that art’s essence isn’t confined to traditional mediums. Instead, this evolution highlights our adaptability and the ever-changing nature of human creativity. But amidst this technological transformation, one profound truth remains unchanged: the lasting impact and timeless significance of art in encapsulating human experiences. This brings us to an age-old concept that transcends technological advancements—man’s quest for immortality through artistic expression.

Man’s Immortality and the Changing Times

It is cliché, but when they say the only permanent thing in this world is change, in this case, it is undeniably true. But one thing remains the same: Man’s unique ability to be immortal through writing or an art form. Immortality does not necessarily mean being physically present. It could also mean our immortality is because we are remembered for our actions or the things we have left behind.

Think of the paintings we have discovered from ancient times (i.e. cave paintings); We look at photos of them and think,’ What could they possibly be thinking of when they drew them?’ or ‘Why did they paint them?’ We still ask the same questions when we see a work of art, years and years later. Their paintings that survived serve as an extension of the life they had. Although modern humans will never meet the very first artists, in a way, they continue to live beyond the physical.

The same is true with any kind of art, for any artist, even in the digital world. By flowing with the changing times, humanity manages to leave a testament of its soul be it in an old painting or a digital art.
It may sound like a bit of a stretch, but we have always had  the capacity to defy the laws of time and space. Humans are still more than able to break the restrictions of this mortal life, often not in a superhero kind of way but in the notes, photos, or heirlooms we pass from one generation to another.

So if we could leave a message to anyone today or in the years to come, how would you say it? Would you write a letter, or leave a journal? There are plenty of ways to do that, and creating a digital work of art is one of them.  We ought not to limit ourselves to what we can or cannot do. Instead, we must make use of what we have now to the best of our abilities. Life is short, after all. Might as well make it count. Do not let your present limitations stop you from living. Enjoy life with all the innovations that come with it. Dance. Sing. Paint. Appreciate life for what it is, or what it could be. 

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