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Frequently Asked Questions

Three43 is a platform for digital art collectibles where you can collect limited-edition artworks from emerging artists from across the globe in the comfort of your phone.

When you download the  app, you get to scroll through and know more about our digital art collectibles where you can choose from various artists with different styles then collect, view, store, and share them all on the same platform.

Imagine not having to go through ticketing, queues, and traffic just to get a front row seat at an art gallery. That’s what Three43 does! We’ve taken traditional art off the walls and put them in your pocket at the comfort of your phone. You can now collect, view, and share your favorite art collection wherever you are and whatever time you’d like to.

NO! Three43 is free to download. You can instantly access the app, know more about our collection and artists without having to pay any penny. Should you wish to buy a copy of an art piece from our collection, you can do so without breaking the bank! With Three43, you can own real limited-edition art around the price around a movie ticket.

Our pricing is very competitive and you don't need to use cryptocurrencies to purchase your own real limited-edition art. Each art piece is priced at around the price of a movie ticket. You'll also directly purchase in fiat, no need for crypto wallets or conversions. 

NO. Enjoy digital art collecting with no complicated wallets, no crypto accounts, or currency trading needed. All purchases are made directly in fiat currency. 

YES! And what’s more is it’s secured by a green blockchain so you can finally get into digital art collecting without worrying about the environmental impacts.

Yes. Three43 App is available for iOS and Android. You can check our download page here for links to the App Store and Google Play Store. 

NO. Every piece that we have is exclusively available in the Three43 app.

Yes! On the app, you can toggle on the “gift” option below the art piece that you want then fill in the details needed to get through with your digital present.


Unlock Your Gallery

Gain access to a world of exclusive digital masterpieces that will redefine the way you experience art. Discover, curate, and immerse yourself in creativity – download Three43 now!

Three43 is available for download on iOS and Android.