Your art is too good not to share.

Three43 is more than just any art platform, it is an art Platform that values artists and their work.

We believe that all forms of art should be shared with the whole world, and should be accessible and easy to collect for everyone. This is why we built Three43: we are committed to providing a secure, environmental-friendly, and easy to use platform for artists to showcase their work.

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Removing Barriers to Accessing Great Art

We believe that art should be enjoyed by everyone, not just a select few. We’re committed to removing barriers to entry and making art accessible to all, to create a more inclusive and diverse art community. Our goal is for artists to gain access to a platform that allows them to connect to a wider audience, where their art is enjoyed, valued, and shared with many.  

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Tired of art platforms that don't really give your art value?

Contrary to what you may initially think, Three43 is not just another art platform.
We’re much more than that. 

Our mission is to bring art  to the masses, but tailored to a digital world. To address that, we use a mobile app platform, Three43, to showcase art to a wider audience and allow fans to purchase or buy their own copies through direct, fiat currency (NOT CRYPTO!). 

To make sure your art is properly handled, we use blockchain technology to verify and authenticate any art collected from our platform. The blockchain technology on which Three43 is built is green blockchain, making it environmental-friendly and sustainable. 

You see, when we showcase your art, we’re not showcasing a commodity, we’re showcasing the artistry, creativity, and passion behind it. Three43 is changing the way people view, experience, and collect art and we want you to be a part of it!

Meet some of our Three43 Artists

Meet some of the talented artists who call Three43 their home! Our community is made up of artists from diverse backgrounds who create captivating digital art. From intricate digital illustrations to complex fine art pieces, each artist brings their own unique style and perspective to the platform.

Steve McDonald

Steve McDonald is a widely recognized illustrator. His work has taken many forms over the years but he is best known for his highly detailed line drawings and fantastical illustrations of both architecture and landscapes.

Andrei Stan

Andrei Stan is an artist and creativity mentor who resides in Bucharest, Romania.  Andrei’s passion for art and creativity has led him to explore multiple artistic mediums, including painting, photography, and film.

Hava Gurevich

Hava Gurevich’s art is a creative exploration of the natural world, where she skillfully blends Art and Science. Her work is a celebration of nature’s beauty & complexity, with botanical, aquatic, and microscopic motifs.

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Take The First Step

Thousands of fans are looking for a way to engage with their favorite artists, but often struggle to find a way to do so. Three43 provides a platform that makes it easy for fans to connect with artists and purchase their digital collectibles at the right price. 

Join us today and let us help you showcase your art to the world, especially your fans. 

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The Latest in Digital Collectible Art

Read through our blog where you can learn more about the world of digital collectibles, stay up-to-date on the latest trends, and connect with artists,  fans, and collectors!