How is Blockchain Revolutionizing Art? (Part III)

This blog is part of a series on how blockchain is revolutionizing art: Read Part I and Part II In this final column, I’d like to discuss how blockchain benefits the collectors.  Of course, there is a considerable overlap – for example, when creators can invent new kinds of art, the collectors and fans of […]

How is Blockchain Revolutionizing Art? (Part II)

In the second in this series about how blockchain is transforming art, let’s touch on the ability for an artist to advance their career. In part 1 we established that the ability to get paid on digital work sparks new creativity, but what it also does is enable new ways of executing the business of […]

How is Blockchain Revolutionizing Art? (Part I)

One of the most interesting things about any new technology is it’s ability to transform industries, spark creativity, and democratize use of things that were formerly only available to small slices of society.  Blockchain is the latest technology doing exactly that in the art world. Let’s begin with how is blockchain transforming the creative side […]