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How is Blockchain Revolutionizing Art? (Part I)

One of the most interesting things about any new technology is it’s ability to transform industries, spark creativity, and democratize use of things that were formerly only available to small slices of society. 

Blockchain is the latest technology doing exactly that in the art world.

Let’s begin with how is blockchain transforming the creative side of things? 

First, Blockchain creates a newfound ability for artists to reap rewards for creating digital work.  This sounds simple, but it’s surprisingly important – it enables creators to devote time and resources to the creation of digital art.

Even though there’s the classic idea of the “starving artist”, we can agree that most artists probably prefer to get paid for their work.  If the only way a painter can get paid, for example, is to paint canvases, then that’s where they’ll spend their time and master their craft.

Sometimes the unpaid work is worth it for an artist just to satisfy the creative itch, but if we can create a world that satisfies that itch *and* gets them paid, then suddenly they’re going to spend more and more time creating amazing digital work. If they had an ability to create something amazing in the digital realm, but they can’t get paid, then it’s less likely they’ll devote the time because any time they’re spending there detracts from their earnings potential.

The world benefits from new artistic mediums, the same way we all benefited from the invention of the canvas or printing press or camera or musical recording.  This is another wave in a long line of artistic advancements.

This ability to get paid for digital art opens the door for an explosion of creativity and innovation.

This advancement into a new tech provides even more excitement when we realize that digital art also removes a lot of the limitations of physical art.  A painting hung on a wall can only ever be a static image.  A digital work, however, can move or change as you view it, or even depending on when you view it.  Digital work can be 2D, 3D, even 4D.  It could even interact with a collector or evolve into new forms over time.  There are an unbelievable number of directions this could go.

This is one of our biggest drivers at Three43 – we’re working with our artists to find ways to play with the potential of the digital space.  We’re recruiting artists and working with them to create work like they never could have been done before. 

Everything from the simple act of a creator minting their very first digital work (unique and special for its novelty), to creators inventing entirely new art forms.  With each release we’re pushing artists to do some of their best and most creative work, bringing the audience the amazing results.

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